Saturday, February 20, 2010

Notes from all over

Here's another stab at Up in The Air (sorry, couldn't resist). Poor Walter Kirn (did he really write the novel the same way this morally questionable movie made the story out to be?) won't be attending the Oscars after all. Despite his celluloid namesake being up for six awards the author of the 2001 novel will have to watch the ceremony on TV. Kirn was so happy his story got made into a film he has seen the picture eight times! He told the AP he didn't even particularly care if the filmmakers changed some of the content. His only requirement was that the movie keep the title, main character and "worldview." The story went from being "about a man who was trying to figure out his place in the world" to "a movie that spoke to hundreds of thousands of people who had lost their jobs." But the author tweeted this week he was dismayed at not being invited to the March 7th ceremony, saying "when you get a break, are you not allowed to enjoy it?".......One of my favourite theatres in Toronto over the years was the Carlton Cinemas on Carlton St. just east of Yonge (on the same block as the old Maple Leaf Gardens.). The Carlton had been a special place for screening independent and art house films in Hogtown. Cineplex Entertainment closed it Dec. 6th. The theatre was a mini multiplex with nine screening rooms. The fact there were so many screens in one place - all showing art house material - was an oasis in the middle of the city. My complaint about the Carlton was that the seats were uncomfortable (you thought the old DFT seats were bad!) and lines-of-view extremely poor. The complex dates from 1983 and had the modern plastic look of that pre-stadium-seating era. Now word comes that Edmonton's Magic Lantern Theatres chain is riding to the rescue. It will remodel the theatres and reopen them in June. Yes, there is some justice..... Screenwriter Carl Kurlander (St. Elmo’s Fire) returned home to Pittsburgh from Hollywood to teach at a local university. Looking around, he saw his once great city had fallen on hard times. He set out on a “Don Quixote quest” to make a movie to help it. The result? My Tale of Two Cities. It will screen Feb. 26, 7 pm at Windsor's Capitol Theatre. A panel discussion on revitalizing Windor's core will follow (more about this on the News Backgrounder page of my web newspaper

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