Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Smith, Hopper and the depravities of film

Poor Kevin Smith. I had no idea he was such a big guy. But as the world has heard from poor Kevin's Twittering by now, the H'wood helmsman was too big for Southwest's seat. So the discount airline said buy two tickets or you aren't flying on their informal skies. Kevin complained and complained. Wah! IF YOU LOOK LIKE ME YOU MAY BE EJECTED FROM SOUTHWERSTAIR. He of course made the movies Clerks, Chasing Amy, etc. Methinks this director protests too much. He's got the bucks. He should pay up. And unless he's got a med problem, he should DIET!.....Now here's someone I'm genuinely concerned about. Poor old Dennis Hopper. Not only does he have terminal cancer of the prostate, he's in the middle of a divorce from his (count 'em) fifth wife. He wants to be rid of Victoria Duffy - who's alarmed at where she fits into his will despite, he says, lavishingly her royally in the past - before he gives up the ghost. He wants to spend the rest of his days in peace and quiet "with children and close fineds"......Dennis will always be remembered for his role in Easy Rider, the quintessentinal Sixties counter culture film. But he has starred in 199 films including more recently Crash and An American Carol. He's directed eight films including Easy Rider......And he's one of the few political conservatives (at least admittedly) in 'H' town..... God bless you, Dennis. I can only wish you a serene send off.

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  1. Dennis leaned right for most of his later adult years until the end of the Bush era, which disgusted him (rightfully so) and he supported Obama. He also said there would be no chance for him to vote Republican again so long as Palin is on the ticket. Wise decision.

    Dennis will go to his grave having made the right choice in the end.