Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Otto Buj's Primordial Ties

You can catch the trailer of Windsor filmmaker Otto Buj's new film Primordial Ties on Youtube. But that's the only part of the feature, now in post-production, local audiences will be able to see probably until next fall. Buj is concentrating on getting the film into a festival next year and finding a distributor. If a festival picks it up it will have exclusive premiere rights. In other words the picture wouldn't be released to general audiences until after that time....This will be Buj's second feature after 2004's The Eternal Present. The film stars newcomer Stephanie Sobocan. "She was comfortable getting into it through me having seen (his) first film," Buj says, and thought the role would be "interesting".....The movie, at just over 90 minutes, was shot in Windsor in 2008.....The trailer introduces Primordial Ties as a "strange new film by Otto Buj" and describes it as "the love story...of a father and the daughter...that he never had." Buj says it's a kind of coming-of-age story about a young woman "with a very sort of abstract notion about her past and her origins" and a "mysterious" father played by Mark Lefebvre, who was in The Eternal Present. The daughter is convinced her father, who is "maybe an amateur scientist" or "maybe he dabbled in occult arts" created her in a Pygmalian way.....Like The Eternal Present Buj financed the film himself. He jokes: "I never recovered from the first one and I got into the second one."..... The Eternal Present received good reviews including in The Globe and Mail. It played at one medium size festival and at another Canadian niche fest. It also was made into a DVD with Netflix buying 200 copies and 100 and is for sale at stores such as Amazon.


  1. Otto was an absolute joy to work with and his crew was top notch! Stephanie Sobocan, who plays Marjorie is mesmerizing to watch on film and Mark Lefebvre who plays her father is fantastic in his role. It was a sincere pleasure to be a part of this artistic effort.
    All ticket info available here:

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