Friday, October 23, 2009

Antichrist opens in November

I was getting a little concerned that Danish director Lars Von Trier's latest film Antichrist might not come to the Main Art Theatre after all. (What, this is too heavy subject matter for Detroit audiences?)After all, I did see the film's trailer on my last visit to the Main in September. But scrolling down Landmark Detroit’s web site I found no mention of it in the upcoming films list for the company’s Detroit properties - the Main or Maple theatres. An e-mail to the company clarified things, however. Said customer service, "The film is slated to start at our Main Art Theatre on 11/13/09.We won’t have a confirmation of that until Tuesday, November 10." Female lead Charlotte Gainsbourg won best actress at Cannes for her role. Any new film by Von Trier (Dogville, Dancing in the Dark, Breaking the Waves), of course, is something of an event. But one wonders if his elite status is getting to his head, as when he declared "I am the best film director in the world." I saw the film recently in Montreal (Oct. 15 post). Last night in New York a midnight screening was sold out with people turned away. In one sense, this film, classed in part as horror, will come too late for local audiences. It would have been great to have had it for Halloween.

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