Sunday, October 5, 2014

Celebrated Hot Docs coming to Windsor

In addition to next month being the 10th annual edition of the Windsor International Film Festival (WIFF) – and having appropriately expanded dates (Nov. 1 – 9) - the next biggest new aspect is the addition of films form Toronto’s celebrated Hot Docs film festival, held every spring at its cinema on Toronto’s Bloor Street West (picture left). Twelve Hot Docs documentary films have been added to this year’s WIFF lineup spread throughout the festival, according to WIFF executive director Vincent Georgie……How did the WIFF - Hot Docs relationship come about? Turns out Hot Docs President Chris McDonald had been coming the last couple of years to our fest and had taken a personal interest in it. Of course WIFF staff like Georgie have gone up to Hot Docs and originally met McDonald there. “We had a conversation this year and said let’s do something together,” Georgie said. Given that someone like McDonald probably attends a great many festivals it might be surprising he’s warmed so much to ours. According to Georgie what McDonald likes best about WIFF is how warm and “engaged” the audience is. “Ours is very very much, it’s a peoples festival, so it has a feel that he’s always really enjoyed.” ….WIFF doesn’t pay Hot Docs for the movies but they will be introduced as having screened at this year's Toronto fest. “They are films that would have made their premiere at Hot Docs that we saw there and then said, ‘Okay this is something we want to bring to Windsor,’” he said. What are a couple of Georgie’s favourites? Advanced Style “is really fun,” he said. It’s about “supremely stylish glamourous women” well into later ages including their 90s. “You can’t help but smile when you watch,” he said. A second film is Love Me, about Ukrainian mail order brides and the industry surrounding them. “It’s something you sort of smirk at, the whole idea of mail order brides,” Georgie said. “But this actually I felt was really quite enlightening.” The full list of Hot Docs films:
ADVANCED STYLE | D: Lina Plioplyte | USA | 2014
BEFORE THE LAST CURTAIN FALLS | D: Thomas Wallner | Belgium/Canada/Germany | 2014
BRONX OBAMA | D:Ryan Murdock | USA | 2014
HARMONTOWN | D: Neil Berkeley | USA |2014
LOVE ME | D: Jonathon Narducci| USA/Ukraine | 2014
POINT AND SHOOT | D: Marshall Curry | USA/Canada, 2014
WRITE DOWN, I AM AN ARAB | D: Ibtisam Mara'ana-Menuhin | Israel/Palestine | 2014
THE BACKWARD CLASS | D: Madeleine Grant | Canada/India | 2014
THE BEIJING ANTS | D: Ryuji Otsuka | China | 2014
THE STARFISH THROWERS | D: Jesse Roesler | USA/India | 2014
VESSEL | D: Diana Whitten | USA | 2014

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