Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My "maybe" festival films

And finally here are among the films I might attend at next week's Windsor International Film Festival, depending on anything from a friend's desire to see it, audience buzz, or the fact I have an open slot between other films:

Gabrielle – I know this is the opening night movie but the topic doesn't especially grab me though it does come from the folks who made Incendies and Monsieur LazharDetroit Unleaded – anything about Detroit can be interesting but I'm ambivalent about a picture of a couple of guys running a gas station no matter how much their personalities clash; Wadjda – I know this is an acclaimed movie and breakthrough for oppressed Saudi women but at first glance the story of a 10-year-old seeking the right to ride a bicycle in this gruesome patriarchal world – symbolic and real as it is – leaves me but half-interested; 15 Reasons to Live – this seems Woody Allen-like, which is good, and has episodic chapters on different reasons life is worth living, so it’s philosophical. Maybe this is more interesting than I first thought. Finding Vivian Maier – because I don’t know anything about this obscure but newly discovered great photographer and therefore I'm reluctant to see it simply because of her obscurity. Then again discovering someone great and a topic that “pushes us to ask as many questions about ourselves” is always intriguing; Kill Your Darlings – a film about the early Beat movement should be a dead ringer but I’ve been disappointed in recent period biopics because they don't depict the eras well enough; The Summit – a movie about scaling the second highest peak looks suspenseful enough, it’s just that I’ve seen and read quite a bit about scaling the highest peak, but still might have its moments…

Tickets are now available through the film festival website at www.windsorfilmfestival.com and at the Capitol Theatre box office.

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