Friday, September 13, 2013

Disgusting film, short flick hit, & Windsor sci-fi romp

On the closing night of the Montreal World Film Festival this month I had the distinct displeasure to watch one of the worst movies I’ve come across in some time, Adore by French director Anne Fontaine starring Naomi Watts and Robin Wright. Poor writing, stilted acting, a slower-than-molasses pace - but most of all the subject matter - I came away thinking this movie will never get out of the can, even though films aren’t made with celluloid anymore. The subject matter, based on a novella by esteemed writer Doris Lessing, is about two mothers who have affairs with each other’s sons. Call me prudish but I almost choked. Then, lo and behold, I arrive back home and open the newspaper only to find the movie has opened in regular release throughout North America including in Detroit. Star power must count for something!
I must congratulate a young filmmaker, Richard Stark, whom I met in Montreal. His 17-minute flick, 30-Love, was the public’s choice for best Canadian short film. The movie is, you guessed it, about a tennis match. But there’s more than one sport being played here, such as snobbery, social climbing, and the class system.
Back home, recently I interviewed budding filmmaker Sean O’Neill (a well-known Windsor optometrist) who just completed his first movie, Rex Kyro: Mission to Marry (picture above left), a screwball sci-fi comedy. O’Neill, who wrote and stars (as two characters) in the movie, is now trying to figure out a way to distribute it. It might even be shown as this fall’s Windsor International Film Festival. To read the interview and see excerpts go to the Arts & Entertainment page of my other website May the farce be with you.

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