Thursday, June 6, 2013

About time Detroit had a major film festival

Cinetopia, the new Metro Detroit film festival, expands to the city of Detroit proper for its second year. The first year saw films only in Ann Arbor but this year’s edition will show flicks in AA and the Detroit Film Theatre at the DIA. What is significant about this fest is that it means the metro Detroit area (I know A2 doesn’t necessarily think of itself as being in metro Detroit but I’ll wrap the two together for convenience sake) is a bona fide feature length film festival, something new in this market. Even little old Windsor has a decent feature length film festival in WIFF. Up to now the only movie festival in metro Detroit was the Ann Arbor Film Festival, which shows experimental films. What’s more, Cinetopia features hand picks from the world’s most prestigious festivals including Sundance, Toronto, Cannes and Berlin, all the more reason to go. Hopefully Cinetopia will keep expanding. It’s about time Detroit had a festival to call its own.  More about the festival and schedule at

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