Thursday, May 10, 2012

Theater with an ER, please

That would be theater with an ER, please! No wonder it’s been so difficult logging in to the new Maple Theater (left) website. Efforts over the past several weeks have seen log on attempts default to some Go Daddy aggregation page. Turns out The Maple doesn’t spell theater the same way virtually all other theatres do. At first I thought this was just a Canadian or British-spelling thing. But, no, The Main Art Theatre in Royal Oak spells theatre “re” as does the Detroit Film Theatre at the DIA. Ditto for Metro Detroit-based MJR Theatres and Emagine Entertainment. So the Yanks like the “re” thing as well. But The Maple spells theatre with an “er.” It’s probably easier to just save the website as a Favourite (excuse the “u” spelling, American friends). Better yet you can connect directly from the Local film links column on this page.

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