Sunday, May 15, 2011

Media City's 17th & a free shuttle

Dutch artist Jaap Pieters will be on hand for the opening of this year’s edition of Media City, the largely Windsor-based and internationally-acclaimed film and video festival. Pieters’s The Eye on Amsterdam’s  (left)films  are shot on three-minute Super 8 reels. They're studied vignettes of unusual happenings and recurrences in everyday street scenes. The films screen at the DIA’s Detroit Film Theatre Tuesday May 24 at 8 pm.....After that, the festival reverts to Windsor’s Capitol Theatre, where the vast majority of the remaining more than 60 films (most well under half an hour in length) will be shown in various programs – with, say, five or six to a program or theme. This includes a regional filmmakers’ package.....The films of British director William Raban, who chronicles the evolution of working class East London including the Canary Wharf financial district – with a meditation on urban change - looks especially interesting.....The festival runs until May 28. Media City is remarkably inexpensive with a festival pass just $20.....To help Americans navigate to Canada’s Rose City a free shuttle will operate from designated stops in Detroit and Ann Arbor. You can book online.....For the experimental and cutting edge check out the 17th edition of Media City. Their web site is

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