Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Film fest's 2011 website's films off by one year

For the first time I will be attending the Traverse City Film Festival this July. It’s Michael Moore’s festival, the seventh annual. I fell in love with Traverse City on vacation last year and thought it would be great to combine another sun splashed weekend with the cool darkness of the cinema. Last week I started planning the event from the festival’s website I found a couple of dozen films to attend. I did notice that some of the films were dated from a year or two back. But these are independent films, and often obscure, so dates don’t always matter, right? I also thought it odd the festival was listing their films without having made an official announcement, at least one I had heard. But the films were all listed on a scrolled down page under the festival’s “2011” web site. A couple of days later I checked the site again and the list of films had vanished. Then I checked my list against this year’s calendar and found that the website’s dates had been off by one day. In fact they were last year’s! I doubt I’m the only one who got confused. And festival staff, probably realizing this, yanked the list on the weekend. Hey guys, if you’re going to have a website marked “2011” please make sure the content is up to date.

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