Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Burton Theatre's music-themed series

Detroit’s repertory Burton Theatre is screening what it’s calling its Urban ScreenPlay Film Series this month at the former elementary school turned funky art house on the city’s venerable Cass Avenue..... (Alert to Windsorites – despite the belief that Cass is the most dangerous street in Detroit, it isn’t. Far from it. You might see people who are down-and-out begging for money but it’s hardly a place you’re likely to get mugged. In fact, with some of the bars and restos along Cass’s several blocks, the street makes for a rather colourful thoroughfare.)......The series started last weekend. This weekend it features a double bill called The Psychedelic Experience with Coming Back for More: The Search for Sly Stone, and Space Is the Place, about the late great avant-gardist Sun Ra.....On Nov. 27 & 28 the theme is Challenging the Status Quo. The first film is Keep on Walking: Joshua Nelson, the Jewish Gospel Singer, followed by Am I Black Enough for You.....The Burton is at 3420 Cass, just south of Martin Luther King Blvd. Its web site is http://www.burtontheatre.com/

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