Friday, September 17, 2010

More glitter, less film

More headlines today from the Toronto International Gittter (or should that be Film?) Festival. In fact there is such an abundance of stars you can't see the films (or should that be 'can't see the films for the stars' or 'the stars are so bright they obliterate the films'). Okay, I'm having fun and continuing to mock the Toronto fest. (Yes, yes, I know it’s a good fest – perhaps the greatest ever – better than Cannes.) Here goes:

* Canadian Malin Akerman delivers on red carpet
Leave it to a Toronto-bred star to bring some much-needed glamour to the Toronto International Film Festival red carpet.

* TIFF’s hottest couples includes a bromance
Love (or in Josh Brolin’s case, smoke – read on for more) is in the air at the 35th annual Film Fest. The GGP counts down TIFF’s hottest twosomes so far.

* Gemma Arterton’s ‘ugly duckling’ spreads her wings
It’s nearly impossible to imagine Gemma Arterton as a gawky and unattractive youth, ignored and taunted by boys.

* Where’s the glamour at Hollywood North?
If you’ve been following the red carpet, you may be wondering if this year’s festival has been dubbed the Toronto International Dull Fashion Festival.

* Autograph hounds share tweets on getting the ink

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