Sunday, September 5, 2010

Montreal World Film Festival - Day 9

Thelma, Louise and Chantal is what you might expect from the title – a road movie comedy from France’s Benoît Pétré. Three middle aged women whose lives are listless hit the road to attend the wedding of a former husband. The story is rife with jokes about everything from body image to sex (or lack thereof) to loser men. This could have been overly clichéd but the story is funny and charming enough to stand out on its own.....It Begins with the End has director Michaél Cohen opposite Emmanuelle Béart in this story of attraction, repulsion and ultimately passion between lovers who are torn by the idiosyncrasies of their relationship. I can’t put my finger on why I didn’t particularly care about the movie. The acting was good enough, the film was well put together. But somehow these characters’ story just didn’t engage me. Perhaps the plot needed more of an edge....Another great Scandinavian film in A Family, Pernille Fischer Christensen’s story about a young woman torn between career as an art dealer and taking over her family’s legendary bakery business, a purveyor to the royal court. Good performances from everyone especially Lene Maria Christensen as Ditte and Jesper Christensen as the dominating patriarch in this story about how life plans aren’t always as easy to execute as imagined.

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