Thursday, July 8, 2010

Flick picks for the weekend

Tonight at the Capitol Theatre in downtown Windsor, a great double-bill...The Windsor Intl Film Festival, as part of its monthly series, screens at 6.30 pm The Secret in their Eyes, this year’s best Oscar foreign language film, an Argentinean/Spanish production by director Juan Jose Campanella. It’s the story of a crime investigation set in the scorched-decade world of 1970s Argentinean politics. (If you miss it the film is also being screened regularly at the Main Theatre in Royal Oak). Then at 9.15 pm WIFF will screen Exit Through the Gift Shop by Banksy, the mysterious graffiti artist known worldwide and whose tags apparently have even shown up in the Motor City. The film is an attempt to film what had been an unfilmmable subject, Banksy himself, because he defies any such attempts. In this flick the pursuing filmmaker – almost – succeeds. The movie also features Shepard Fairey, the graphic artist who designed the instantly iconic red white and blue Obama poster during the 2008 election campaign.....Meanwhile here’s a film that’s been getting a lot of publicity. Only problem is, we can’t see it. The doc Murder by Proxy – How America Went Postal, is about the epidemic of mass murders, often in workplaces. It will be shown tonight at Landmark’s Main at 7. But it’s by invitation only. Director Emil Chiaberi, who grew up in the Soviet Union, wants people affected by the Royal Oak post office murders, to attend only. The Royal Oak shootings in 1991 was one of the best known examples of a mass killing in a post office, helping give rise to the term “going postal.” It resulted in five dead and four injured at the Second St. building not at all far from the Main Theatre itself. The film is expected to open to the public later this summer.....Also looking interesting this weekend and next is Germany’s Maren Ade’s Everyone Else at the Detroit Film Theatre (DIA). It’s about a relationship on the verge and the "mutual, passive-aggressive" games that can come with, ah, intimacy.

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