Wednesday, June 2, 2010

S&TC2 & that vintage Valentino

The word to women from the film intelligentsia (who dress in sack cloths) is: “don’t dress fabulously” and “who are you to dress-up when the world around you goes about in basement garb?”.....Case in point: a very grumpy Roger Ebert in his S&TC2 review. Hold on to your hats (whoops, that might be a fashion statement!), Heeeeere's Roger: “These people make my skin crawl...flyweight bubbleheads...their defining quality is consuming things...the loathsome (loathsome?) Mr. Big...exercise in obscenely conspicuous consumption...tacky vulgar clothing...visual style is arthritic”... But – wait now - after condemning the display of “maximum possible boobage” Roger shows he’s a red-blooded male after all: “I was gobsmacked by the delightful cleavage on display”... And finally this about poor Charlotte (Kristin Davis), the best dressed in the movie in those fantastic Fifties dresses: “One little girl dips her hands in strawberry topping and plants two big handprints on your butt. You are on the cell to a girlfriend. How do you report this? You moan and wail out: ‘My vintage Valentino!’ Any mother who wears her vintage Valentino while making muffin topping with her kids should be hauled up before the Department of Children and Family Services" (emphasis added)...Cheer up, Roger, you’ve obviously allowed yourself to be dragged down by that oh-so-dreary world around you. But you’re not too far off on the “Department” bit. Pretty soon, the fashion police will be reporting anyone who doesn’t dress in flip flops and tank tops......But to the rescue of Charlotte comes one Hiral Amin of Windsor, in a letter to the ed of The Windsor Star. She says Roger Ebert “appalls” her. Over to you, Hiral: “There is nothing wrong with a woman who is a mother to enjoy fashion. And, why is a woman not allowed to wear fabulous clothing? Just because she is a mother does not mean that she has to walk around in sweatpants and dirty T-shirts.” Hiral doesn’t let up: “In another quote he said: ‘I don't know a whole lot about fashion but I know something about taste, and these women spend much of the movie dressed in tacky, vulgar clothing.’ Without a doubt this man knows nothing about the Sex and the City style. When I saw all the clothing in this movie, I wanted to cry -- it was so beautiful”..... Roger, Hiral, is just one dour critic. Okay, maybe it was windy in Chicago that day, which means he's off-humour a lot of the time......Case in point 2: Alice Tynan at The Vine: “Charlotte’s emotional arc involves being a stay at home mum with a fulltime, braless nanny, and losing the plot at her eldest daughter when she gets red paint on the ludicrously expensive skirt she is wearing while baking cupcakes”...... And there's another similarly scathing fashion review around here somewhere but I just can't find it. But you know the drift - poor Charlotte can't get a break......Okay, we understand. There's a recession (especially in the U.S.) out there. So you have to be cheerless and not fantasize about a colourful more exotic world. But, Hiral, don't take it personally, it would become very understandable if you saw the way the average film critic dresses.

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