Thursday, May 13, 2010

Oh, so it was illegal after all

It's true. People download movies online. I’m not that technologically-advanced. I still go to movie theatres or, overwhelmingly these days, rent movies through a subscription service like (hey, you can order zip though my online newspaper by clicking on one of zip’s ads)...There are legal downloads and there are the, uh, illegal, kinds. A lot of folks - really?! - are choosing the latter. This of course is a reprise of the free music download controversy of 10 years ago. In any case, Hollywood is putting its foot down and not taking it any longer......Reuters reports that producers of The Hurt Locker are putting together a huge lawsuit, filed against tens of thousands of, yup, individuals who have downloaded the movie illegally. Voltage Pictures is teaming with the U.S. Copyright Group against users of BitTorrent. They’re contacting ISPs and and getting people’s IP (computer) addresses......This could be the first of many lawsuits brought by those who produce the films that aren’t generating expected box office revenue, as happened with The Hurt Locker, despite its Oscar kudos......Copyright Group lawyer Thomas Dunlap says he’s been contacted by as many as 30 independent film groups interested in joining litigation against folks who surreptitiously download......I think I would have a problem sitting in front of my computer screen watching a full-length movie anyway.

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