Wednesday, April 28, 2010

'Mon festival du cinéma favori'

Sorry for indulging myself but I have to show you the poster for this year’s edition of my very favourite film festival, the Montreal World Film Festival (WFF), Aug. 26–Sept. 6......Yes I will be going. I have been attending since 1977. I’m not crazy about the art chosen for the poster. But, hey, it’s a film festival. It’s all about art, right? And you know those artists can be pretty crazy people.....Here’s what the festival says about the poster, designed by art student (who else?) Huber Samson: "The act of seeing is nicely synthesized in this image of a person with multiple eyes, a symbol, at once, of the variety of views expressed in the Festival's program and of the subjective gaze of each spectator. The blurred contours of the person's body suggests that he is quivering: affected, shaken, moved by what he is seeing. This vibration brings to mind, as well, the throbbing of the light as it passes through the film and onto the screen. A beautiful evocation of the 'motion picture'. Bravo!" .....Okay, whatever.....This is still a great festival and I can hardly wait to be there.....

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