Monday, March 8, 2010

Oscar notes: My girl wins, clueless Clooney, classy Sandra and the new George Burns?

Whddaitellya? Kudos to Kathryn Bigelow for not only scoring Best Picture but Best Director. I had predicted Best Pic (Feb. 22 post) though with perhaps a trade off with ex-hubby James Cameron of Avatar fame for Directing. But why not make it an historic first for Kathryn as the first woman to win the directing award? And four more Oscars for The Hurt Locker – the most - to boot. I had been pulling for the picture all evening.....Other Oscar notes: The scenes of Avatar during the telecast made me want to see the movie less.....What was up with Clueless G. Clooney? A scowl on his face or weird facial movements all night. Good that co-host Alec Baldwin stared him down. And Clooney is perhaps more of a jerk than I thought, esp after classy Sandra Bullock (good for her on Best Actress win) started to publically deride him for a past embarrassing moment of throwing her in the pool. In a post-ceremony interview she said she didn’t release the full story because Clooney’s “little eyes” looked so tired.....Praise again for Bigelow for actually having the gumption to support American troops for their valour after receiving her Best Directing win. And then, minutes later, after picking up Best Film, acknowledging the role of anyone in uniform including police and emergency personnel – “they’re there for us and we’re there for them.” Her words seem so unselfishly indulgent Hollywood, don't they?.....And about that dance sequence during the run up to the award for Best Original Score? Bring back the June Taylor Dancers!.....Always love Steve Martin but better if he does the MC job solo. But, hey, he’s starting to look a little like George Burns.....Is Kathy Bates becoming the new Shelley Winters?.....Demi Moore’s skin blended into her dress.....Lauren Bacall brought the house down in winning the honorary Governors Award pointing to Oscar and saying, “the thought when I get home I’m going to have a two-legged man in my room”.....Jeff Bridges (Best Actor) seems like a good ol’ boy from way back, just a fun guy to be around.....Though she didn’t win an award (The Last Station), there are few as magnificent as the great Helen Mirren.....Two movies from the Oscars I now have to see: The Young Victoria and Il divo.....And, again, why is it that general movie audiences can’t see film shorts? How come distributors can’t ink deals for features along with short films or animations?.....And irony of ironies, in a year the Academy put up 10 films for Best Picture in an effort to have more popular movies included, a low-budget almost obscure film that has made comparatively little at the box office, won.....

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