Monday, March 29, 2010

Leaving so soon? Central Florida's 2 film fests

After a month here I will be leaving Florida in two days. The question is: should I return in just under two weeks?....Because, it just so happens that central Florida has two film festivals, and over the exact same time period, Apr. 9 – 18.....The Sarasota Film Festival (12th annual, this year will have appearances and readings by the likes of Kevin Kline, Patricia Clarkson, Steve Buscemi along with a tribute to John Landis (Blues Brothers, Spies Like Us, Into the Night).....A cursory look at the schedule shows some doc-heavy material such as 11/4/08 (where were you when Barack Obama was historically elected?), The Adults in the Room (about adult-teen male love), And Everything Is Going Fine (Steven Soderbergh’s tribute to the late (apparent suicide) monologist Spalding Gray)......A film that was at the Windsor International Film Festival, Quebec’s I Killed My Mother (Xavier Dolan as director and actor) is also showing up.....Meanwhile a couple of hours or so upstate is the Florida Film Festival (19th annual, in Orlando.....Two films scheduled for that fest that caught my eye are Paper Man (Richard Dunn) starring one of my faves, Jeff Daniels, in a perfect role for him as an author with writer’s block. There’s also the film Harry Brown (Daniel Barber) with Michael Caine as an aging man who stands alone meting out some vigilante justice...Gee, that trip back down I-75 isn’t so long, is it?

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