Friday, February 12, 2010

Another blow to Up in the Air

Good to see another attack on Up in the Air, a film I've really taken a dislike to because of its maliciousness and questionable morality.....The NY Times has a piece which interviews reps of outplacement agencies.....Of course the major point of the film is to attack these kind of firms - the symbol for the cowardice of big business writ large. George Clooney (he's also known as "Comrade" Clooney in certain circles) plays Ryan Bingham, an outplacement hack who jets around the country firing workers hither and yon - in other words doing the dirty work the dastardly capitalists who employ these workers won't do themselves. (See my earlier posts.).....The Times piece interviews outsourcing firm executives who say they never do this kind of work, that firms themselves directly "fire" (a loaded term) or layoff workers.....Lynda Doty of DBM in Houston says, "I didn't see any resemblence for what we do" and employment lawyer Stephen Fox said everything from management 101 says you don't conduct business that way.....What's more - the title of the movie refers to the Clooney character's skybound vagabond life (well, it's also a kind of metaphor for Bingham's personal life). Bingham flies so much he reaches the elite 10 million air miles club. Said Doty, "I don't even have 100K."

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