Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mid Winter light weekend

Okay, so it was a light weekend.....Caught last year's The Hangover (Todd Phillips). I honestly was expecting some belly laughs but they were a little infrequent in what was an overall letdown of a movie. Good premise. Four guys head to Vegas for a bachelor party before one character (Doug - Justin Bartha) gets hitched.....The movie sets us up to think we're going to get a minute-by-minute frenzied account of their night in Sin City. But after they down their first shots on Caesars' rooftop before heading out on the town, all we see next is a fast-action time sequence of the Vegas horizon descending into darkness and then brightening again when it's morning, and the ensuing carnage (physical and emotional) of what took place during the night.....A few laughs here and there but overall a letdown as the foursome pick up the pieces (figuratively and literally) from the night before.....................MEANWHILE, the first half of my evening double bill was Game 6 (2005) with Michael Keaton, Catherine O'Hara, Bebe Neuwirth and Robert Downey Jr......Keaton plays playwright Nicky Rogan, an obsessive Boston Red Sox fan,who skips out on the opening of his new play to watch Game 6 of the 1986 World Series. Better obsessing over the Red Sox than how his play might be received by critic Steven Schwimmer (R. D. Jr.) known to make or break playwrights ...... This lightweight comedy-drama was directed by Michael Hoffman (surprising, since his most recent The Last Station has won very critical praise indeed) and written by postmodernist author Don DeLillo (White Noise, Falling Man).....I was expecting the movie to be a more serious treatment of the playwright's angst set against his baseball obsession with, I suppose, the latter being a metaphor for the former. Well, in a way, it is. But the story comes across as a one-dimensional made-for-TV comedy about an emotionally mixed-up character who's really a baseball fan, pure and simple. File this under sports movies.

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